Guardian Review 2013 Night.

Guardian Camera Club:
A review of Amjamjazz’s portfolio.

‘These photos explore the ambiguous underbelly of urban night-time; the sickly light, saturated direct flash colours, all are hugely atmospheric. In ‘Northbound Platform’ the characteristically gloomy light, the mans downcast stance combined with the formality of the composition makes for an expressive image.
Totally different in mood, ‘London Street’ shows us a night out in Basingstoke in all its glory. ‘Buffet, Peckham’ combines a multitude of images, all within their distinct frames; ‘Midnight, Peckham’ juxtaposes alcohol detritus and a curious drinker, perfect! The photographers ‘point of view’ in ‘Pub Pooch’ cuts the head off the man, it’s got a strong atmosphere.
‘Chapel Street Car Park’ is like a tribute to great photographers styles, see if you can spot them. All made on ‘compact cameras’, these images are complex and informed.’

(of six images from the following set.)

Chapel Street Car Park

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