Before The Show (Guardian Review)

Set-up, rehearsal, waiting.
6 images from this set reviewed by The Guardian.

St Ehtelburga's Centre. Dressing Room

A review of Flamenco Express’ portfolio.
‘Last Cigarette’ is certainly evocative and chaotic, grainy and full of incidental detail.
Maybe it’s the general clarity of the image but ‘Dressing Room DVD’ seems less interesting somehow.
The beautifully composed ‘Five Minute Call’ is a cool double portrait and the best image here.
The combined reflections in ‘Backstage’ are great but the right hand side of the frame seems redundant.
‘Beginners’ Call’ fills the available space and the strong diagonals in this photo make a good composition.
‘Dressing Room’ is another ‘many faces in the mirror’ composition – you could do without the arm at the right hand side though.
This is an interesting reportage but a couple of the photos are repetitive. A change of pace (a close portrait for example) would give more variety


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