Why we are just as much to blame for Covid 19 as we are for Global Warming.

Never in the field of Human Experience, have so many been alienated from so many for so long.
As a species, we are simply not used to this. And our veneer of civilisation is very thin. Especially our current ‘fly-by-wire’ global survival system, which, without the computer of social interaction, would drop the plane out of the sky.
Now we know who truly produces the wealth. And it isn’t the brave, generous billionaires.
Science also knows how Pandemics like Covid are created. And it isn’t pretty reading for MacDonalds and Burger King.


Some of the Science.

‘Three quarters of the emerging pathogens that infect humans leaped from animals, many of them creatures in the forest habitats that we are slashing and burning to create land for crops, including biofuel plants, and for mining and housing. The more we clear, the more we come into contact with wildlife that carries microbes well suited to kill us—and the more we concentrate those animals in smaller areas where they can swap infectious microbes, raising the chances of novel strains. 
In addition, we have to examine factory farms that pack thousands of animals together—the source of the 2009 swine flu outbreak that killed more than 10,000 people in the U.S. and multitudes worldwide.’

Zoonotic host diversity increases in human-dominated ecosystems
Our results suggest that global changes in the mode and the intensity of land use are creating expanding hazardous interfaces between people, livestock and wildlife reservoirs of zoonotic disease
 ( Nature)


“We’ve been warning about this for decades,” says Kate Jones, an ecological modeller at University College London and an author on the study, published on 5 August in Nature1. “Nobody paid any attention.”



Timeline of pandemics and other viruses that humans caught by interacting with animals

Three years ago, an article published by the US National Centre for Biotechnology Information stated, presciently:
“The Aids and influenza pandemics have claimed and will continue to claim millions of lives. The recent Sars and Ebola epidemics have threatened populations across borders. The emergence of Mers may well be warning signals of a nascent pandemic threat.”

Deforestation is leading to more infectious diseases in humans

As more and more forest is cleared around the world, scientists fear that the next deadly pandemic could emerge from what lives within them.



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