The Mental Handicap of Word-Blindness

Dis-qualified. Dis-credited. Dis-proportion. Dis-ingenuous. Dis-respectful. To ‘Dis’. Dis-service. Dis-sociate. Dis-please. Dis-approve Dis-empowered. Dis-enfranchise. Dis-repair. Dis-member. Dis-reputable. Dis-satisfy. Dis-integrate. Dis-grace &c. &c.
All explicitly negative constructions accepted by everyone.
‘Dis-ability’ is equally negative. It literally means to be Less-abled.
Being registered disabled myself, I object to being labelled as a lesser being. But I object even more to being censored and banned for mentioning it – as I was recently by the cowardly admins of one half-baked Facebook group.
The positive term ‘handicapped’ now generates Daily Mail levels of outrage. All fake.
Nobody who has ever used or read the word ‘handicapped’ ever found in it any insult to the physically or mentally disadvantaged. The general usage is clear: The best horse in the race carries the greatest handicap. There is no other credible usage or meaning.
 This is just one tiny symptom of the word-blindness which has made clear thought – especially political thought – almost impossible in the last few years. The inability to identify the clear concrete associations and implications of words such as ‘dis-abled’ have divorced them from their real meanings and placed language and truth under attack. The inability to tell positive from negative. Or by extension, black from white. Which is the popular mentality dreamt of by all tyrants.
The resulting myths and received wisdom create unthinking obedience to the resulting ‘Memes’. And The Meme Must be Obeyed – however much of a lie it is.
Brexit is obviously the big example of words acquiring spurious meaning merely by circular repetition (‘Brexit means Brexit’). As is the evidence-free allegation of Labour antisemitism. There are others, and they all represent the first crumblings of a civilisation in danger, before the lights go out.
The most obvious effect of the decay of language is to generate fake-offence and tribalistic conflict; dis-integrating class-identity into a million individualistic vanities which distract from the real battles which should be occupying the creative minds of this generation. The point is to destroy the intellectual freedom which makes radical action possible.
 The word radical itself has been devalued by the adoption of the fake-word ‘radicalisation’ instead of the accurate ‘fanatisation’ in the context of terrorism.
The very idea of radical thought is dis-credited and made dis-reputable to many. Ironically making it the greater of all the evils to choose from, when it is by far the lesser.

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