‘Fever Jam’ at the Montague Arms. 2010/11

Images from the regular Jazz and Blues jam session at the Montague convened by trumpeter Rowan Porteous, which attracted top-drawer musicians from all over the world.

Flamenco Express @ The Bussey Building

2013 to present

Juniper House Co-operative Residents. 1983

Guardian Review 2013 (2) ‘Peckham Family Album’

Guardian Camera Club 6:
‘The directness, clarity and honesty makes for an unaffected portrait. There’s lots of context and the square format (6 x 6 medium format film) is just right for this series.’
Sam and Tok.
‘A bit less depth of field than the photo above gives a better balance between subject and background here. The contrasting but direct expressions are compelling.’
‘This stunning double portrait is the best of a good set.’
Lord Gibbons, ‘Mayor of Peckham’.
‘This is quite different to the rest of the set; that delicate formality has gone and it seems genuinely warm.’
A quizzical expression gives this some humour, ‘Everyone is Famous In Peckham’ indeed!
Big Steve.
‘Does the choice of camera affect the way the subject relates to the photographer? Whatever, this is an excellent street portrait.’
Full set.


Kevin Boys. Surrey Docks Farm.

Tutor Workshops

Cake decoration, forging, casting, stained-glasswork. Community Education Lewisham. 14/2/2012.

Guardian Review 2013 Night

Guardian Camera Club:
A review of Amjamjazz’s portfolio.

‘These photos explore the ambiguous underbelly of urban night-time; the sickly light, saturated direct flash colours, all are hugely atmospheric. In ‘Northbound Platform’ the characteristically gloomy light, the mans downcast stance combined with the formality of the composition makes for an expressive image.
Totally different in mood, ‘London Street’ shows us a night out in Basingstoke in all its glory. ‘Buffet, Peckham’ combines a multitude of images, all within their distinct frames; ‘Midnight, Peckham’ juxtaposes alcohol detritus and a curious drinker, perfect! The photographers ‘point of view’ in ‘Pub Pooch’ cuts the head off the man, it’s got a strong atmosphere.
‘Chapel Street Car Park’ is like a tribute to great photographers styles, see if you can spot them. All made on ‘compact cameras’, these images are complex and informed.’

(of six images from the following set.)

Peckham For Beginners

The general view.

Thatcher Funeral

Bedroom Tax Protest

Trafalgar Square. 30/3/2013

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‘Bedroom Tax Con’
Reel Rebels Radio