Greece, Austerity and the Progressive Future

The general rule in elections and referenda is that when the consensus is ‘too close to call’, that caution wins, as in the British General Election 2015. But which is the safe vote for the Greeks? There is a general consensus that they want to stay in the euro, so presumably they will vote Yes to more euro-austerity.
But what all progressive politicians have to face is that a progressive, independent, democratic society in defiance of the corporations and the banks will be more austere than the consumerist pigpen that they are supposed to hate. And that goes double for radicalised idealists like the Greens.
Consumerist materialism is the recruiting sergeant for ISIS, why isn’t it doing the same for the western progressives? Because they want their dishwashers and Fiat Unos and they have to be on the ‘Property Ladder’ – or they’re nobody. A Loser. They have interpreted the progressive slogan ‘Bread and Roses’ as ‘Having your cake and eating it.’ They need to spend 5 or 6 years living on benefit, as a vital stage in their radicalisation.


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