‘Remain Indoors!’ Covid 19 Log

Never in the field of Human Experience, have so many been alienated from so many for so long.
As a species, we are simply not used to this. And our veneer of civilisation is very thin. Especially our current ‘fly-by-wire’ global survival system, which, without the computer of social interaction, would drop the plane out of the sky.
Now we know who truly produces the wealth. And it isn’t the brave, generous billionaires.


And the federal government under Trump is the most incompetent of all.
Where are the vital national regulations to force regions to comply with basic rules as in civilised states – the national preparations for this long foretold disaster?
Smothered by Trumpist Neo-Darwinism.


Trumps idea of leadership is to make the states duke it out for respirators, testing kits and Personal Protection Equipment. 
A huge squalid bidding war which the poorest states lose. Every mad dictator in history has had the same idea.

Globalised does not mean connected.
In practice Globalisation has alienated people from each other, and from their own natures more than ever.
A world of consumers feeding off their respective servants – a class they seldom have any social interaction with.
Feeling connected with the rest of humanity is a different political dimension entirely.

Amid our fear, we’re rediscovering utopian hopes of a connected world
In response to AJVC1991
If there is a truce, the problem will be preventing wholesale corporate carpetbagging, with mass pillage of the bankrupt wreckage, producing an even more powerful global profit axis than now.
Who and who’s army is going to stop them?


Glad to see you confess at last that Capitalism kills more people than any bug. We’ve been telling you that for a century.
But Capitalism is now a dead duck. And the Covid 19 crisis is a welcome rehearsal for the task of rescuing civilisation from Capitalist Eco-Barbarism.


Come on old Girl. Time for your big moment.
Xmas is a long way away. Don’t put it off..
Either: 1. People will have lost the habit or find another habit. or
2. People will have forgotten what life was like before The Event and will Remain Indoors. or
3. They will be ravenous for live shows and will flood the houses. Which will make up for your losses now.
As the Modern day Chamberlain, waging a Phoney War against #Covid19 and #ClimateCrisis, Johnson must be criticised until it hurts.
@Telegraph‘s degree of servility in 1940 would have lost us the war.


You’re confusing them with the terrorist Fracking gangsters and other Carbon Cowboy barbarians who are determined to destroy the ecosystem and civilisation. The global terrorists who have eaten your brain.


Replying to @afneil
You’re just annoyed that CV19 is doing XTr’s job for it You haven’t yet given them credit for cancelling all mass gatherings during the crisis. Do it now. Human Capitalism certainly IS the enemy – unless you’re a medieval Science-hater. This is a rehearsal for tackling GW. Learn.


People DYING are so “mad” right now. But not Insane, like TRump, who is playing games with American lives. “New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio described the rate of new coronavirus infections in the city as “staggering” and an “explosion”
Replying to  @WSJ and @bradleyhope
Not every day the economy gets a $2Trillion shot in the arm. The most since….. ever!


Pipistrelle Bat hunting in our garden this morning about 10.30.
Is this normal for SE London


“The corporation is also preparing to launch daily educational programmes now that schools have closed, along with plans to produce shows that cover exercising at home and cooking with reduced supplies.”


Here’s how to care for loved ones suffering with coronavirus
22 Mar 2020 12:08
And who are the “loved ones”?
If it is to have any positive effects, the CV19 experience has to radically expand and socialise our definition of “love” beyond the tribal borders we have erected between us. The concept is of Love is relatively new and totally nebulous.
Since this is a unique event in human history, the Post CV19 world has to be different.
One which is compatible with the even greater challenge of rescuing civilisation from Climate Crisis.


Talk about Pandemics.
Britain has been ravaged by the brain-rotting Brexit Plague for over 4 years.
With no sign of ‘peaking’ yet.;

Replying to @JamesCleverly
Because the PM and the government are proven chronic LIARS who have rejected science and professional expertise whenever it suits their overriding motivation of making money. They are self-proclaimed ‘Grand Wizards’ of Science Denialism. Why should anyone trust them?

@Lil_Richardjohn Replying to @JamesCleverly
What is Bonzo doing about the self-employed? Nothing.
Testing? Nothing.
Ensuring food-chains? Nothing with knobs on.
Your twisted NHS-busting ‘Austerity’ made us this vulnerable.
You will be the cause of many deaths.

@Lil_Richardjohn Replying to @JamesEFoster
We are looking at a world in which someone like Ghandi has called a global General Strike as a non-violent direct action to achieve their common goal. Now that we’re All Out, what hat should it be? Surely nobody wants to go back to the bad old days.


For once would you READ something you see? “more and less strict social distancing measures could plausibly be effective .. These would need to be in place for at least most of a year. ..at least half of the year would be spent under the stricter measures” assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/upl

Italy was always Europe’s gateway to the East. And when it let in the Black Death the labour market was never the same again. Now that everyone knows that prosperity is created by the workforce, not the rich, maybe there will be an equally radical hike in political consciousness.

With most Junk TV in Lockdown, who will advertise on it? The Agencies!”! Will Nobody Think of The Agencies!!? Want to sell your car on Primetime TV? Now’s The Time.
Much as you’d like it, #CV19 is not an excuse to destroy the Truth – much as you hate it. You’re loving this. Another War in which the first victim is Truth.
Political Capitalist Austerity has cost many British lives already and its greatest harvest of Neglect is yet to come.

Still no mention of common infection sites in social housing.



Thanks for nicking my lead. Copper-infused ‘screen-touch’ gloves are hostile to bugs. That’s why hospitals use copper on handrails. Meanwhile, housing estate rails and lift buttons Carry On Spreading #CV19. Ministers don’t live there.


This is what ‘No Such Thing As Society’ is like.

“Sheila, before The Event there was a thing called ‘theatre’.
What was ‘theatre’?”
“Was it a food?”
“Yes, it probably was. REMAIN INDOORS!”


Day 9. 


hold on to your hat. Its only a matter of time before CV19 is blamed on a sinister plot between Greta Tunberg and Chinese Communism to destroy capitalism and enforce eco-sustainable co-operative economics.


So much for “There is no such thing as Society.” If Society is good enough to rescue the world from capitalism, and for Wars against disease, it is good enough for wars against Poverty and Environmental Disaster.


Seize the day.
This Carbon holiday is exactly the same world we will need to adjust to in order to mitigate the effects of climate disaster. A dress rehearsal for the cooperative Community Austerity of a sustainable future. The world must never be the same again.

It clearly, finally proves that competitive globalised Consumerism is a disaster.
An ideological, moral, political and economic dead-end which can only guarantee total Climate Catastrophe.
Capitalism never knows what it’s got until it’s gone. NOW will it believe us when we say that the foundation of the economy is the WORKFORCE?
No Going Back. The Post and Pre-CV19 worlds have to be as different as 1950 was from 1935.
The same world needed to fight Global Warming.

More habitually shared surfaces which harbour infection.

“The UK should not be trying to create herd immunity. Policy should be directed at slowing the outbreak to a manageable rate.
All this & more should have started weeks ago.”
Dr William Hanage is professor of the epidemiology of infectious disease at Harvard
@Lil_Richardjohn Replying to @rec777777 @bobbystrand1 and @afneil
Who are “OUR” experts? There is only one virus. It doesn’t obey British law.
Since when does Johnson trust experts? His cabinet is riddled with Climate Science denialists. People as rational as DAESH.
Precisely. Only not just the “near” future. It’s a TEENTSY sneak preview of #ClimateCrisis . The foreseeable future.
Replying to @GaryLineker
WILL NO-ONE THINK OF THE SATELLITE BARONS!!?? Imagine how it must feel for them having to repay all those subscriptions they have taken under false pretences? All those awful strung-out subscribers baying at their gates: “MUST HAVE FOOT-BALL.. MUST HAVE FOOT-BALL..”
Reporting scary stuff is only a problem to an alienated population of isolated individuals. A working community naturally develops a healthy scepticism to fear-mongering.
We no longer have many working communities – for obvious reasons..
WHAT “community”~? The object of Hancock’s politics is to destroy all community values, replacing them with Brand Loyalties,. Let MacDonalds and Coca Cola sort it out. Between them they owe the NHS a giga-fortune anyway.
Ban movement of all their extremely non-essential goods.
Will NO-ONE think of the Children??!! When will they be repaid for all the football they now wont see? Will they be offered counselling in order to save their marriages? Divorce lawyers will be another group who end up CV19 rich.
Replying to @afneil
A national TV address would put all the blame on Johnson. This way he can do his usual disappearing act and fire Ancock when it goes pants.
“We must all make sacrifices” – except for @BUPA,
who will make a killing selling beds to the @NHS.
Some “National Effort”.

This coronavirus crisis has forced the retirement of pantomime Johnson

Then your solution must be the state acquisition of BUPA under emergency powers

You mean this is the time to bleed the NHS to death and fatten BUPA shareholders even more?
These beds must be requisitioned, not bought at Market prices.
BUPA has leeched off the state for far too long already.
Time for some payback.

Perhaps into other forms of music that seem more relevant to them.

More likely selling their latest hit to Saatchis to advertise gut-rot or cars that go too fast.
It’s fascinating how few tunes from the Maconochie era have been prostituted to Consumerism.
Meanwhile modern pop is fundamentally founded on Junk-Culture principles of power-worship and self-advancement.
The welfare state gave everyone a taste of a thing called freedom. The only freedom now is to choose between mortgage deals and tuition fee packages. To Obey, Conform and Consume.
“Obey & Serve” is the formal motto of one of the largest chains of consumerist Madrassars currently perverting young minds.


Replying to
How long before we do face rationing of goods and energy? Or is it too early to think about? Obviously some people have thought about it and come to their own conclusions.

Full house tonight in Hastings.. Mixed feelings.

Wales and Scotland try for Six Nations normality amid the chaos
13 Mar 2020 11:30
Might the abused term ‘iconic’ be genuinely used about this game?
After the brutal and judicial mayhem of the last round, plus the significance of holding the event during the Coca-cola Plague, there seems to be a lot at stake somehow.

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