Robert Browning School Gate

Kevin Boys Blacksmiths. June 2014.
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People in the Rectangle. Pain or Joy?

Landscapists often regard figures as a distraction from the scene. But surely, even in the most deserted Lake-District valleys are riddled with the distracting evidence of Mankind.  From the picturesque dry stone walls and paths, to the sheep without which the famous scenes would be a forest.  The purple grouse moors of Scotland are a pure fabrication. In the town, the influence is obviously inescapable. So what is the decision to depict the empty street scene? As much as anything it projects the viewer directly into the scene, without the baggage of being an observer of anyone else. So in one way it is a self- portrait of loneliness. The viewer has no human company, just the cold impassive world. Is this an escape, or a confrontation?

Chapel Street Car Park

Personally, I cannot see an empty street without wishing an inhabitant upon it.


Construction and installation slideshow of Brunel Sculpture Group commission. First phase. By Kevin Boys Blacksmith. With Lewis, Terry, Jack, Kate, Josh, Heather, Billy, Jel & Steve. And students from Bacon’s College.
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International Day, Cardiff. 21/2/2014. Wales V France

From being caught in the headlights of Barry John, to the coldest queue in Cardiff.

‘Fever Jam’ at the Montague Arms. 2010/11

Images from the regular Jazz and Blues jam session at the Montague convened by trumpeter Rowan Porteous, which attracted top-drawer musicians from all over the world.

Flamenco Express @ The Bussey Building

2013 to present

Juniper House Co-operative Residents. 1983

Guardian Review 2013 (2) ‘Peckham Family Album’

Guardian Camera Club 6:
‘The directness, clarity and honesty makes for an unaffected portrait. There’s lots of context and the square format (6 x 6 medium format film) is just right for this series.’
Sam and Tok.
‘A bit less depth of field than the photo above gives a better balance between subject and background here. The contrasting but direct expressions are compelling.’
‘This stunning double portrait is the best of a good set.’
Lord Gibbons, ‘Mayor of Peckham’.
‘This is quite different to the rest of the set; that delicate formality has gone and it seems genuinely warm.’
A quizzical expression gives this some humour, ‘Everyone is Famous In Peckham’ indeed!
Big Steve.
‘Does the choice of camera affect the way the subject relates to the photographer? Whatever, this is an excellent street portrait.’
Full set.


Kevin Boys. Surrey Docks Farm.

Tutor Workshops

Cake decoration, forging, casting, stained-glasswork. Community Education Lewisham. 14/2/2012.


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